World Maritime Day – Happy World Maritime Day 2019 Quotes

World Maritime Day – Happy World Maritime Day 2019 Quotes. Every Year International Maritime Day Was Celebrate 26th September. Here you provide World Maritime Day 2019 Images, Pictures, Wishes, Photos, Messages, Greetings, Text SMS, Sayings, Poems, Status & Quotes! Every year, the world people are celebrating International Pharmacy Day.

Celebrating World Maritime Day is very simple. Indulge yourself in activities like holding exhibitions, lectures, and activity and tell people about the ways in which a pharmacy could help them. Post and share your World Maritime Day celebrations using the hashtag #World Maritime Day.

World Maritime Day 2019

World Maritime Day 2019 Quotes:

  • ” It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.”
  • ” We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sail.”
  • ” At sea, I learned how a person needs little and not how much.”
  • ” Take some time to remember the work of seafarers all around the world who help you bring 90% of everything that you use every day.”
  • ” Have no fear of horizons, set sails, leave the safe harbor and let yourself carried away with the wind.”
  • ” To all our valiant sea adventures, happy National Maritime Day.”
  • ” The Wind and the waves are always on the side of best.”
  • “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
  • ” A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”
  • ” When a man comes to sea life, he is not fit to live on land.”
  • ” If you wish to explore new horizons, you have to leave your port.”
  • ” I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.”
  • ” You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose the sight of the shore.”
  • “High Tide or Low Tide, I will be always on your side.”